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Issues with Debit Card Activation

We know many of you are experiencing issues activating and using your new Chambers Bank debit cards. Please know that we're working diligently with our card provider to fix the issue. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to you, our valued customers.

We will post updates on this page and on our Facebook page as they're available.

3 Steps to Access Your Chambers Bank Account on August 13

Complete the following three stepson Monday, August 13 in this order for best results.

1. Activate your new Chambers Bank Debit Card

Note: Your new debit card cannot be activated until after 4:00 am CST on Monday, August 13.

Call 1-866-633-5293 (automated line). For security purposes, you must call from the home, cell or business phone number associated with your card. To begin the process, please have your new debit card available.

Here’s the info you’ll need to know:

  • Last 4 digits of your new debit card number
  • 4-digit expiration date
  • Last 4 digits of Social Security Number associated with account if it's a consumer/personal account; OR Last 4 digits of your TIN if it's a business account

After your information is verified, you’ll be prompted to select a new 4-digit PIN number.

2. Log into Online Banking on a Web Browser -

Note: Online banking cannot be accessed until after 8:00 am CST on Monday, August 13.

Customers must login to online banking via a computer or mobile web browser the first time; you cannot use the new mobile app until after you’ve logged on and changed your password.

  • Enter your current online banking UserID (will not change with new system)
  • Enter your temporary password – your temporary password is the last six digits of the social security number of the individual on the account with online banking access; once you’ve successfully logged in with your temporary password, you’ll be prompted to change your password
  • Create a new password – passwords have the following requirements: must be 8-32 characters; must include at least 1 letter; must include at least 1 number; cannot include spaces; cannot include a character that repeats more than 2 times in a row; cannot include \<>’ characters; and is case sensitive

3. Update Your Mobile App

  • Delete your current Chambers Bank mobile app
  • Visit the Apple or Google Play store and search for “Chambers Bank” ... choose "Chambers Bank Mobile Banking" for consumer accounts or "Chambers Bank Business Mobile" for business accounts
  • Install the appropriate Chambers Bank mobile app (see above)
  • Use your online banking userID and new online banking password to log into the mobile app

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Chambers Bank making this change?

    We want to offer the best products and services to our customers as well as maximize our operational efficiencies, and this change is a major step in accomplishing both those goals. This upgrade will provide enhancements to our current products and services as well as allow us to offer additional services in the future.

  • Will my account number(s) change?

    No. Whether you have a checking account, a savings account, or a loan, your account number will remain the same; however, debit card numbers will change.

  • Is my account type the same?

    Yes. All features and benefits of your current account will remain, as well as additional features that will be available with the new system.

  • Can I continue to use the same checks?

    Yes. The Chambers Bank routing number (082907008) will remain the same, as will your checking account number. When you’re ready for more checks, simply log onto our website or come into a branch to place an order.

  • Can I continue to use my existing debit card?

    Your current Chambers Bank debit card will work through 8:00 a.m. Central Standard Time on Monday, August 13. Around August 1, you will receive a new Chambers Bank debit card that will work with the new system and can be activated after 2:00 am Central Time on August 13.

  • What if I lose my existing debit card?
    As we prepare for conversion, Chambers Bank will be unable to issue new or replacement debit cards from Thursday, July 19 until Monday, August 13–either via instant issue or by mail. If you lose your card at any time, please give us a call so that we can freeze your debit card to protect your account.
  • Can I still use my existing loan coupons?

    Any existing loan coupons you have may be used until the loan is paid off. If you receive a new loan or renew a current loan, you will not receive a coupon book; instead, you will receive monthly statements.

  • Will there be a time when I can’t access my funds due to the system conversion?

    You will always be able to access your funds by check and ATM. However, you will be unable to access your account by using your current Chambers Bank debit card as of Monday, August 13 (see question #5 above); you must activate your new debit card to use on and after Monday, August 13.
 We planned the conversion over a weekend (Aug. 10-12) to minimize the impact on our customers. Note: while you will have access to your funds, you will not be able to access online banking to check balances and ATMs will be unable to display balances during the weekend of conversion. ATMs will be able to disperse funds.

  • Will I receive a bank statement during August?

    Yes. You will receive a statement from our current system from the first date of your statement cycle through Thursday, August 9; you will also receive a statement from the new system from Friday, August 10 through the end of your statement cycle.

  • Can I still see my check images in online banking?

    While you may not be able to see your check images online immediately, at a later date you’ll be able access your bank statements with check images via online banking. In the meantime, please call your local branch during regular business hours and we’ll be happy to assist you in finding check information.

  • Will my direct deposits and automatic drafts be affected?

    Direct deposits are tied to your checking account number and will not be affected. If your automatic drafts are tied to your checking account number, they will remain; however, any auto-drafts tied to your current Chambers Bank debit card will need to be updated as of August 13. We recommend checking your account statements for the past three months to confirm any auto-drafts you currently have set up and if they’re tied to your debit card.

  • Will online banking and bill payment be affected?

    Online banking will be unavailable during the conversion. From 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 9 until 8:00 a.m. on Monday, August 13 (Central Time), you will be unable to access online banking. Any payments scheduled to post before Thursday, August 9 will be paid. Payments to be paid after August 9 need to be set up in the new system when online banking/bill pay access reopens on Monday, August 13.

    We recommend printing your bill pay information (Cntl+P) prior to August 9 so that you will have names, addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, amounts and payment schedules for your current bill pay accounts. 

  • Will my userID and password for online banking be the same?

    For consumer/personal banking customers, the UserID will remain the same, but passwords will change. At first login, you will use the last six digits of the primary account holder’s social security number as your temporary password. Once you have successfully logged in with your temporary password, you will be prompted to change your password. Passwords have the following requirements: must be 8-32 characters; must include at least 1 letter; must include at least 1 number; cannot include spaces; cannot include a character that repeats more than 2 times in a row; cannot include \<>’ characters; and is case sensitive.

    For business banking customers, the UserID will remain the same minus any special characters (not letters and numbers). Your temporary password will be BeB1(first four letters of your username in all caps). For example, if your current username is chambersbank, your temporary password would be BeB1CHAM. Once you have successfully logged in with your temporary password, you will be prompted to change your password. Passwords must be 8-12 characters; include at least three of the following: lower case letter, upper case letter, number, special character; cannot include spaces; cannot include a character that repeats more than 3 times; can include the following characters: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + = | / ? ; : . } { - [ ] and is case sensitive.

  • Will my online banking transfers between accounts still work?

    Consumer/personal banking customers MUST set up online banking transfers again on the new system beginning August 13.

    Business banking customers will likely have to set up online banking transfers in the new system beginning August 13, but some business customer information may be transferred into the new system.

  • Will I need to re-enroll in eStatements?

    Consumer/personal banking customers MUST re-enroll in eStatements after August 12.

  • What fees are changing?

    A complete schedule of fees is available via

  • Will telebanking still be available?

    Yes! Telebanking may be accessed at 479-495-3279 or 1-877-495-2236. To login to the new system, your UserID is: your area code, your two-digit birth month, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. You will be prompted to change your Personal Identification Number (PIN) the first time you log in.

    On or after August 13, you will be able to check balances on your checking, savings, CD, IRA and loan accounts. You will also be able to make transfers between your checking and savings accounts as well as make loan payments via telebanking.

  • Can I still use the same Chambers Bank mobile app?

    No. After logging into online banking on your desktop on August 13 to register your account, please download the new Chambers Bank mobile app via the Apple app or Google Play app store and use your new login to access the Chambers Bank app.

Important Dates

August 1

New debit cards mailed

CONVERSION BEGINS Thursday, August 9 @2:00pm CST

No online banking access
No bill pay access
No balance inquiries at ATMs

CONVERSION ENDS Monday, August 13 @8:00am CST

Online banking access resumes
Bill pay access resumes
Activate + use new debit card

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