Automatically round up your debit card purchases and watch your savings grow.


Savings Cents is an easy way to make everyday purchases part of your savings strategy. All you need is a Chambers Bank checking account with a debit card and a Chambers Bank savings account, and you can start saving today.


How does it work?

Once you're enrolled in Savings Cents, we'll automatically round up your purchases to the nearest dollar every time you use your Chambers Bank debit card. Then, on the next business day, we'll transfer the "change" left from all your purchases to your savings account.

How much can you save?

Check out this example...
Coffee: $4.32 (+$0.68) 
Groceries: $112.09 (+$0.91) 
Gas: $24.22 (+$0.78) 
Lunch: $12.47 (+$0.53) 
Streaming Service: $10.32 (+$0.68) 

Total transferred to savings = $3.58



Additional Information


To enroll, complete an Automatic Transfer Form to authorize the Savings Cents program (we can help you at any branch, or you can contact us for the form). The account holder's signature is required.


There is no additional cost for the Savings Cents program.


Only one aggregate transfer will be made per business day for all eligible POS debit card transactions. Savings Cents automatic transfers are delayed. Savings Cents automatic transfers will not occur if the checking account does not have sufficient funds for the transfer.



Frequently Asked Questions about Savings Cents

What is the cost for Savings Cents?
There is no additional charge for customers who wish to enroll in Savings Cents.


What accounts do I need to enroll in Savings Cents?
Any Chambers checking account with a debit card AND a Chambers savings account are needed to enroll in Savings Cents. Money Market accounts are not eligible.


How does Savings Cents work?
Savings Cents is what is commonly called a "Round Up" or "Keep the Change" savings program. It works like an automatic savings account... charges from debit card purchases are accumulated and transferred daily from your checking account to your savings account. 


How often is the money transferred from checking to savings?
Savings Cents transfers happen once per day, not instantly when the card is used. The rounded-up amount for all eligible debit card transactions on a given day will be added up and only one, aggregate transfer will be made. Savings Cents transfers are delayed and initiated the next business day based on the previous day’s end of day balance.


Once enrolled, how long does it take for Savings Cents to start?
Savings Cents transfers will begin the day the enrollment is completed.


Can I use Savings Cents to automatically transfer funds from a checking account to a different checking account?
No. Savings Cents transfers must go into a savings account... they cannot be transferred into a Money Market or a different checking account. You may set up automatic transfers for other accounts via Chambers Online Banking.


If I have more than one debit card on my account (e.g., husband and wife), can only one debit card be used for Savings Cents?
No. If there are multiple cards on an enrolled checking account, all eligible transactions for all cards on the account will be rounded up and transferred as part of Savings Cents.


Can Savings Cents cause an account to be overdrawn?
No. If your checking account balance is not enough for the aggregate total that would be transferred to savings, the Savings Cents transfer will not occur.


If I enroll in Savings Cents and later want to unenroll, how do I do that?
You must complete and sign an updated form to unenroll from the Savings Cents program. We can assist you at any branch or contact us for more information.

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