Savings Cents: The Ultimate Halloween Treat 

October 27, 2021

You can never be too old to trick or treat. These days it just looks a little different. But that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself. While you can't (or at least shouldn't) go around door-to-door collecting treats by yourself, with Savings Cents you can treat yourself every time you swipe your card!

All you need is a Chambers Bank checking account with a debit card and a Chambers Bank savings account, and you can start saving today.

An easy way to make everyday purchases part of your savings strategy, once you are enrolled. we'll automatically round up your purchases to the nearest dollar every time you use your Chambers Bank debit card. Then, on the next business day, we'll transfer the "change" left from all your purchases to your savings account.

Like magic—and you’re the one waving the wand (aka your debit card)!


Treat Yourself with Savings Cents


Fill up your savings account like a kid does his pumpkin on Halloween night. 

Just look at this example of a single day’s spending:

Coffee: $4.32 (+$0.68) 

Groceries: $112.09 (+$0.91) 

Gas: $24.22 (+$0.78) 

Lunch: $12.47 (+$0.53) 

Streaming Service: $10.32 (+$0.68) 

Total transferred to savings = $3.58

Let’s say you average $4 a day in round-ups. In one month you could be adding $120 to your savings account. That’s a nice chunk of change that was once literally just change!


Accomplish your financial goals quicker by automatically setting money aside to pay for them. 

You set goals for your finances to achieve life goals, like saving for a trip to Italy! Far too often, however, people have to push back their plans because they didn’t quite save up as much as they’d hope. 

That $5 bill you meant to put in your piggy bank never made it there because it was spent on coffee. And that jar of change on your shelf has done nothing but collect dust (when it could have been collecting interest in your savings accounts!). While the effort to save is there, the results are not.

And that’s at no fault to anyone. Saving money can be hard. The reality is that even the smartest of people have trouble setting money aside. 

That’s why Chambers Bank is proud to offer our clients the Savings Cents tool.


Make your everyday transactions more rewarding. 

Sometimes spending money is fun. Other Times, it can be stressful. Especially when you have to dip into your savings account. Take the edge off of those expenses with a small sense of redemption knowing that you’re already working on building your savings back up, starting with that very expense!


Want to start saving today?

There is no additional cost for the Savings Cents program so it’s as simple as signing a document!

Savings Cents

To enroll, you’ll need to complete an Automatic Transfer Form to authorize the Savings Cents program. We can help you at any branch, or you can contact us and we will send you the form. Keep in mind that the account holder's signature is required.

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