3 Online Banking Tools That Can Save You Time This Summer

July 26, 2022

When you’re on the go, the last thing you want to do is worry about how you’re going to handle your money matters. After all, you’ve got events to attend, roads to cruise down, and maybe even planes to catch. So why go to the bank every time you need to make a transaction when you can do it from your smartphone, tablet, or computer? And from anywhere?

With “anywhere” in mind, Chambers Bank offers convenient, time-saving online tools to help you pay your bills, deposit checks, transfer funds, send money, and much more—with just a few clicks of a button. All you need is your device and a secure internet connection.

Sound exciting? Then get set and sign up for these top-three Chambers online and mobile banking tools:

Mobile Deposit: Cash Your Checks Anywhere, 24-7

Even though you’re probably receiving fewer checks these days, there will be occasions when you’ll get paper checks that you’ll need to deposit into your account. While you can certainly come to your favorite branch location and cash them (after all, we do like to see you), our Mobile Deposit tool on the Mobile Banking app is a way for you to handle these transactions from any location using your smartphone camera or tablet camera.

Want to know how it works?

It’s simple. You start by signing your check and then writing your account number and the words “For Mobile Deposit” in the endorsement section. Then, you go to the Mobile Banking app’s Deposit section, take pics of the check’s front and back, and submit the pics along with other transaction information. You’ll receive an email shortly afterward confirming that Chambers Bank has received your check for deposit.

If you’re still not sure about trying Mobile Deposit, these benefits might convince you:

  • Save on trips to the branch office
  • Save on trips to the ATM
  • Mobile Deposit is FREE
  • Your transactions are secure
  • You can make a deposit from anywhere (as long as there’s an internet or cellular connection)

For more information and directions on how to deposit a check via Mobile Deposit, click on the Mobile Banking page here.

Bill Pay: Put Your Payments on Autopilot

Bill Pay is a convenient automatic payment tool that helps you set up and make one-time or recurring payments from your Chambers account easily and seamlessly. With this tool, you can pay for things like rent, a mortgage, utilities, and cell phone plans—even occasional obligations such as lawn care or AC repair. If the recipient doesn’t take electronic payments, Chambers can issue and mail a check on your behalf once you provide payment information and the recipient’s address.

In addition to making automatic payments from your account, you can set Bill Pay up to receive eBills*—which are electronic versions of your billing statements. The tool can even keep track of account balances, transactions, and statements in one, convenient location.

And that’s not all. With Bill Pay, you can also:

  • Stay organized with billing due dates
  • Pay securely and safely
  • Eliminate writing out checks and buying stamps and envelopes for mailing
  • Pay bills on time and avoid late fees
  • Receive email alerts when bills come in and when bills get paid
  • Review transactions and see where your money is going

For more information and for directions on setting up Bill Pay, click here.

*eBills is an optional Bill Pay feature that turns your paper bills into electronic bills. They arrive right in your Bill Pay account when generated by providers. From here, you can view account balances, transactions, and statements and then set them up to be paid automatically on the dates you specify. You can also set up email alerts to notify you whenever new eBills arrive in your account.

People Pay: Send Money Fast and from Anywhere, 24-7

No one likes to wait for money, and with People Pay, you don’t have to make anyone wait! People Pay is a fast and secure way to send a person or organization money right from your mobile device or computer using Online Banking or Mobile Banking.

With People Pay, Chambers deducts funds directly from your account and sends payment to the bank account or PayPal account of the recipient’s choice, typically within one to three business days. Once you send the money, the recipient will get a text or email notification plus instructions on how to claim their funds.

Like the idea? Consider these benefits:

  • People Pay is FREE
  • You won’t spend time writing and mailing out checks
  • There are no hidden fees
  • The recipient doesn’t have to wait until they see you in person to get paid

For more information and directions on how to use People Pay, click on the instructions here.

Before You Rush Off… Some Banking On-the-Go Tips

Wherever the road takes you next, it’s important that you take precautions to make sure your internet connection is safe and that your information is protected. Whenever you use Online Banking or Mobile Banking on the go, keep these quick tips in mind:

  • Always keep your username and password protected. Don’t use easily identifiable information when you make up passwords, such as names, addresses, birthdates, and phone number combinations. And change your password when prompted, if not before.
  • Use a secure internet or cellular connection. Don’t use public Wi-Fi when you make financial transactions.
  • Always check your account transactions to make sure they have been completed correctly and for the right amounts.

After learning about the benefits of Mobile Deposit, Bill Pay, and People Pay, it’s time for you to add Mobile Banking to your smartphone or tablet, bookmark Online Banking on your computer, and start using these tools.

Now get out there and enjoy a little sunshine! 

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