How To Make the Most of Your Chambers Banking App

September 13, 2023

Today’s mobile banking apps are a lot more than just quick ways to access your accounts and transfer money. They give you visibility of your finances, more control over your money, and anytime access so you can bank on the go. With so many great features, it’s no wonder that 59% of U.S. adults prefer to bank via mobile app.

As a Chambers Bank account holder, you can use the Chambers Bank Mobile App for free and take advantage of online tools to help you manage your money, pay your bills, and maintain your budget. In this blog, we’ll highlight all the ways you can get the most out of the Chambers Bank Mobile App and keep your accounts safe while using it.

To begin, just download the app on your smartphone or mobile device and log in with your Chambers Online Banking User ID and Password. If you don’t have Chambers Online Banking yet, you can enroll here. Next, familiarize yourself with the app and read through the following benefits to learn about what’s available to you.


What You Can Do With the Chambers Bank Mobile App

Monitor your accounts and check transaction history. In the app, you’re always able to check account balances, pending transactions, and approved transactions. You can search by date, amount, or check number and review details of each transaction in just a few clicks. With this secure, anytime access, you can also monitor for unauthorized charges to help keep your accounts safe from hackers and identity thieves.


Transfer money between accounts. Make one-time transfers from your Chambers Checking Account to Savings Account or vice versa. You can also make one-time payments to your loan accounts through the app.


Deposit checks remotely. With the Deposit feature, you can deposit personal checks, business checks, cashier’s checks, and government-issued checks of up to $5,000 per day. You simply endorse the check, take photos of the check’s front and back through the mobile app using your device’s camera, upload images, and then submit for deposit. We will send you an email confirmation once your deposit is approved.


Send money to anyone with People Pay. People Pay is a Chambers Bank service that allows you to safely send money from your Chambers account to anyone using their email address or phone number. Once you initiate a transaction from People Pay in your app, the recipient will get directions on how to receive the money. You can even add a personal message if you wish.


Find the nearest Chambers Bank branch or ATM. In the app, you will see a Locations button where you can get addresses for all of our 24 branch locations across Arkansas. You’ll also find branch phone numbers, hours of operation, and information on ATM availability at each branch.


Pay your bills safely and securely. From the Pay Bill button, you get quick access to our free Chambers Bill Pay service, which allows you to make one-time or recurring payments electronically—without the hassle of writing checks. You can always monitor payment information, receive alerts when payments have been made, and change payment amount and frequency directly from the app. To sign up for Bill Pay, log in to Online Banking and follow the instructions to get started.


Access your eStatements. If you haven’t signed up for eStatements yet, you should and here’s why. The Chambers Bank Mobile App allows you to access up to 18 months of account statements so you can review them, download them to your device, or print for review. To sign up for eStatements, please follow this link.


Monitor your accounts and your budget with Personal Finance. If you use our Chambers Personal Finance tool, you can access it directly through the app. From budgeting and account aggregation to categorization and more, Personal Finance is a money management tool that helps you take control of your finances anytime and anywhere you have secure internet access. If you don’t have Personal Finance, you can sign up through Online Banking.


Using the Chambers Bank Mobile App Safely

 After installing the Chambers Bank Mobile App on your smartphone or mobile device, it’s always good to take extra precautions so your financial or personal information isn’t opened up to hackers and identity thieves. Here are some ways to stay safe:

Use a secure internet connection. When you need to use the app or access financial information from your mobile device, always use a secure internet connection or the device’s cellular data to connect. Never use public Wi-Fi to log in because it opens up potential for hackers to steal your usernames, passwords, and PIN numbers.


Keep your passwords private. When you log in to the Chambers Bank Mobile App, you can choose to save your User ID and Password. If you do save them, the next time you log in, your mobile device will require you to use your device passcode or biometric ID to complete the log in. Whichever way you log in, be sure to also utilize your device’s security lock feature to lock your phone when you’re away.


Keep the app current. We will issue periodic updates to the Chambers Bank Mobile App; they contain components that improve the app’s functions and security. You should always have the latest update installed on your device. If you don’t have your device set to receive automatic updates, follow the update prompt once you /receive it and let it download.


Log out after every session. While the Chambers Bank Mobile App does have a timeout feature, it’s good to log out when you’re finished using it. That way, if your device connects to public Wi-Fi at a later time, your information can’t be accessed.


For additional tips about staying safe online, please read Protect Yourself & Your Finances on our website.


Ready to Go Mobile With Chambers Bank?

 As you’re now aware, the Chambers Bank Mobile App helps you do much more than just check your account balance and transfer money. With features like Personal Finance, People Pay, and Bill Pay right at your fingertips, you can easily manage your accounts, work on your financial goals, and keep your money safe wherever you go.


If you have questions about the Chambers Bank Mobile App or you’re not sure how to install it on your smartphone or mobile device, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-603-1226 or chat with us on our website.

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